Jump aboard! The trout-fishing float-trips provided by the guides of Reel Angling Adventures offer outstanding fly-fishing and spin-fishing opportunities on the tailwater flows of the region's longest cold-water rivers. Catch a glimpse
of wildlife -- bald eagles, osprey, otters and white-tailed deer -- as you float with professional, courteous and knowledgeable guides.


• Toccoa River, GA • Hiwassee River, TN • Chattahoochee River, GA


The Toccoa River -- north Georgia's longest cold-water river pours from the dam at Lake Blue Ridge into an 18-mile-long trout fishery that begins just beyond the city limits of Blue Ridge and ends at the quaint border town of McCayesville. The Toccoa's year-round cold water supports a prolific bug and forage population that feeds a thriving trout fishery that challenges the reputation for Georgia's finest tailwater trout fishery.

Both wild and stocked brown and rainbow trout take flies of all kinds on the Toccoa , while our anglers follow strict catch-and-release fishing ethics. Strip streamers, tumble nymphs and float dry flies through boulder runs, deep pools, shady laydowns and rippling shoals. Catches commonly include fish in the 10- to 12-inch range, but trophy brown and rainbow trout... 15 inches and longer! Frequently surprise anglers with smashing strikes, spectacular jumps and driving runs. Even larger trout are sometimes seen... and hooked!

Drift Boat trip on Lake Blue Ridge

Stripper Fishing Float Trip on the Hiwassee River


Weather you are a novice or an experienced angler, the Hiwassee River provides you with many opportunities to challenge your fly-fishing and spin-fishing abilities. Wild and stocked rainbow and brown trout are the feature fish on the river, which includes a designated "quality" zone where the trout run large. Smallmouth bass are a feature fish lower in the valley, and we've got a few secrets that can put anglers on the fighting end of a tussle with striped bass! When the power generators at Smith Creek Powerhouse are running, our drift-boats carry you to the pools, runs, lanes and holes where trout take flies, spinners and spoons. When  the generators are off it is a wading angler's paradise, with miles and miles of river that can be accessed on foot.

Stripers, too! Exclusive seasonal fly-fishing on the Hiwassee River
Discover the line-stripping, rod-bending action  of the Hiwassee River's trophy striped bass. Whether fly-fishing or spin-fishing, the guide team of Reel Angling Adventures offers the only guided-fishing for stripers on the Hiwassee River at Reliance, TN. Half-day and full-day bookings, June through October.

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Permitted and supported by the National Park Service / Chattahoochee NRA. The most southerly of US trout fisheries east of the Mississippi River, the Chattahoochee River -- the river that flows through Atlanta -- has long been the mainstay of suburban-bound trout anglers of the South. For almost 50 miles, the Chattahoochee River flows cold from beneath Buford Dam, sustaining brown and rainbow trout in both great numbers and trophy sizes. It's a river of changing faces as it winds over gravel shoals, between heavy laydowns, through boulder-strewn "gardens" and deep-green pools, past large suburban tracts, and around public park areas.

Drift Boat Trip on the Chattahoochee River


The float-trips offered puts you in touch in all seasons with both rainbow and brown trout, whether you're fly-fishing or spin-fishing. All trips include transportation to and from locally strategic pick-up points, properly scaled tackle (if needed), our recommendations for your selection of seasonally chosen dry flies and nymphs, soft drinks and bottled water and a selection of photos for your memories. Full-day trips also include a deli-styled lunch.

Float trips are scheduled for one or two anglers for full-day (8 to 10 hours) and half-day (5 hours) trips, dependent on the powerhouse generation flows. Trips begin between 7 am and 10 am and are completed between 5 pm and 8 pm, depending on the season and the power-generation flows.

Half-day (5 hours) $295 (one or two anglers)
Full-day (8-10 hours) $395 (one or two anglers)


Guide, drift boat and transportation to and from locally strategic meeting place
Properly scaled rods and reels (if needed)
Soft-drinks and bottled water; full-day trip includes deli-styled lunch

NOTE: Most pricing for trips offered are based on one or two anglers per trip. Additional anglers can be accommodated on a per angler basis and may require additional guides/boats. Large parties can be accommodated with customized trip packages. Fishing accessories and initial fly selections (recommendations available) -- such as waders, wading boots, caps, sunscreen, insect repellent, etc. -- are not provided. Additional flies provided by guides at no cost. Fishing licenses are required for all waters and are the responsibility of each angler. Prices are subject to change.

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